Unsalvation : Decimation by Revelation

Unsalvation: Decimation by Revelation

Decimation by Revelation


Bestial Burst
CD 13,99 €

Bulldozing mass of darkest and heaviest death metal that at times breaks through the borders of bestial war noise. Militant and crushing tank ride maximized with occasional industrial interludes. All the fire power available is used on Decimation by Revelation for their manifestation of war against the modern world. Extreme music that's more than music. Complete and total terror.

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Track list

01 From Hebron to Betlehem 3:59
02 Incarnation of the Lightbringer 5:52
03 Locust Epiphany 3:46
04 Pestilence and Death of the Firstborn 6:38
05 Decimation upon Yehudim 3:54
06 Triumph of Azazel Granted 5:28
07 Extinction 6:37

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