V/A : Clone - Play Slow - Die Fast

V/A: Clone - Play Slow - Die Fast

Clone - Play Slow - Die Fast


Blind Date
LP 18,95 €

Sludge/Doom Bands covering they influences from Hardcore over Punk to Metal. The ltd. edition of 400 copies in black vinyl comes in a great packaging! 180 gram vinyl!

Estimated delivery in 1-2 months. Add a few days if outside Finland.

You can make a reservation for this product and pick it up from the nearest Record Shop X.

Track list

Salome – blueprint (Fugazi),
The Austrasian Goat – Mask (Bauhaus),
Atavist – Mindless (Infest),
Coffins – Ebony tears (Cathedral),
Monarch – A look at tomorrow (Discharge),
La Cuenta – It’s in my Blood ! (Bl’ast),
Fistula – Dead in a ditch (D.R.I),
HC Minds – Black Machine (Cirith Ungol)

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