V/A : Decameron -Ten Days in 100 Novellas –Part III

V/A: Decameron -Ten Days in 100 Novellas –Part III

Decameron -Ten Days in 100 Novellas –Part III


Running Moose Productions / Colossus / Seacrest OY ja Visual Power LTD
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Track list

1. Robert Webb: HeeBeeGeeBee
2. Ageness: The Bizarre Garden Incident
3. Ellesmere & Pericle Sponzilli: Sullórlo dello spago
4. JPL: Masquerade (lydia and Pyrrhus)
5. Willowglass: The Siena Ghost
6. Trion: Two Hundred Florins
7. Stella Lee Jones: A Wandering Poet
8. Nexus: The Heliotrope
9. The Nova Mob: The Jagged Edge
10.Elephants of Scotland: Swing The Gavel
11.Jinetes Negros: The Other Pig

1. Mauro Mulas: Pampinea
2. Latte e Miele: Elitropia
3. Oceanic Legion: Indictment Ever After
4. Interpose: Lady Of Sicily
5. Court: Bleeding Hearts
6. Ars Ephemera: At Lombardy Convent
7. United Progressive Fraternity: Mercenaries
8. Alex Grata: Take Thief
9. Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: Gnaffe

1. Rebel Wheel: A Night With Niccolosa
2. Taproban: Il Sogno, la Bestia, la Ritrosa
3. D’AccorD: Rai-ti-tai
4. Phoenix Again: The Bridge of Geese
5. Castle Canyon: Put A Tale On Ot
6. S.A.L.U.E.N.A: Ahead Of Fortune
7. Il Castello di Atlante: Ghino e lÁbate di Gligni
8. Fran Turner: Neighbours
9. Blank Manuscript: Decamerone 10/4

1. Ozone Player: The Winter Garden
2. Faveravola: Carlo DÁngio, e iAmore Perduto
3. Cirrus Bay: Th Knight´s Tale
4. Marchesi Scamorza: De bello inter fratres
5. Bornidol: Il ritorno mai sperato
6. Locus AmoenusComanque vada
7. Castle Canyon: Nephile´s Song

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