V/A : NAUHAT - Suomiräpin Underground 1988-1996

V/A: NAUHAT - Suomiräpin Underground 1988-1996

NAUHAT - Suomiräpin Underground 1988-1996


Svart Records
2LP 31,99 €

Black vinyl, thick 12" booklet

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Track list

A1 Freak MC: Alkuspiikki (LIVE at Provinssirock 1988)
A2 Eazy-A & Definite Four: Beatbox King (LIVE at Provinssi 1988)
A3 Freak MC & Dj Basstone: Real Deal (1989)
A4 B.A.M. ft. B.O.W: Our Philosophy (1991)
A5 Damn the Band: J.A.K is Back (1990)
A6 CNF: This Is Something (1992)

B1 Nuera: Mellonism (1992)
B2 T.O.A: Mic Check (1993)
B3 Urban Herbs ft. Jash, T.A.D.E, MC Pop & A.N.A: Love Creation (1994)
B4 Brownsand Brothers: Slow Jockin’ (1995)
B5 Celes: DLO Logic Pt 1 (1995)
B6 Pumpa På: Provocera Mera (1994)

C1 Master Brothers: Beatbox Breakdown (LIVE @ Vanha 1995)
C2 Dj Slow: Slow Jockin’ (1995)
C3 Frontpage: Opening (1996)
C4 ILLPHRAZE: Droppin’ Shit (1996)
C5 Esaar / Homeless Beats ft. Pijall: Microphone (1996)
C6 Giant Robot: Konevitsa (1996)

D1 Skillsters: Bonus Beats with Andee (1996)
D2 Duke Dee & Keijo Koo: Keijo ei pelaa Freestyle (1990)
D3 Hospital Tsui Hatsi: Spamba (1990)
D4 MPL Zaba & Sähkö: Sessio (1995)
D5 Juhani: Verbaalinen Lihavuus (1996)

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