V/A : Rough guide to the music of Scandinavia (second edition)

V/A: Rough guide to the music of Scandinavia (second edition)

Rough guide to the music of Scandinavia (second edition)


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There is a quality to the music of Scandinavia that seems born in the long winter months; it is dark and humorous, steeped in tradition yet sharply inventive. This Rough Guide showcases some of the most adventurous sounds from the region, including the techno-joiking of Wimme, Icelandic minimalism by Amiina, and explosive experimentation by Kimmo Pohjonen with the Kronos Quartet.

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Track list

Amiina: Lóri (4:13) Arild Andersen: Sjugur Og Trollbrura (4:13) Valravn: Kelling (4:47) Katzen Kapell: Bellatores (4:02) Milla Viljamaa: Ansa/The Trap (4:02) Valgeir Sigurðsson: After Four (3:40) Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila: Yötuulet (2:56) múm: Guilty Rocks (5:02) Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen and Kronos Quartet: Särmä (5:36) Annbiorg Lien: Gode Gut (3:24) Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam: Halling IV (3:56) Frigg: RajRajraj (3:24) Värttinä: Ruhverikko (Dark Girl) (3:03) Benedicte Maurseth: Mellomspell (3:00) Sorten Muld: Gylden Gloed (Golden Spark) (4:09) Lars Hollmer: Snabb (4:17) Wimme: Texas (3:33)

Tuonen Tyttö (Maiden of Death) (5:48) Apeainen (3:45) Pakkasruusu (Frozen Rose) (6:00) Ahven (Perch) (4:01) Ei Niin Hiljaa (Silent Sunset) (4:54) Huoleton Rakkauslaulu (Carefree Love Song) (4:45) Polska Från Bandal (Polska From Railroad Valley) (4:38) Risteys (Crossroads) (3:41) Kaisla (Sea Rush) (4:42) Kantripolska (Country Polska) (3:59)

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