V/A : Think About Music - Musik von Harmönia 2006-2014

V/A: Think About Music - Musik von Harmönia 2006-2014

Think About Music - Musik von Harmönia 2006-2014


Svart Records / Svartronix
Release year
2LP 26,99 €

Label comp of skweee label Harmönia

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Track list

Randy Barracuda and Michael Black Electro: Ape Shit
Mesak: Artooskweetoo
Pavan: War (laid back mix)
SLA: Hive Hibernation
PJVM: Rhubarb Dream
Rigas Den Andre: Wedge
Daniel Savio: Bamboozled
V.C. : Skwee On
Randy Barracuda & Mesak: Adult Games (feat Michael Black Electro)
Wankers United: Superfönky
Coco Bryce: Savior
Markis Sage: Slim-e
Uday: Ghetto Bomb
Joxaren: Blanka fan
Ya Tosiba: Mad Barber (BaBa ZuLa Remix)
Easy & COU: Hamada (Spice bazaar mix)
Lazercrotch: Moon Pie
Slow Hand Motem: Smells Like Randy Barracuda
Claws Cousteau: New Jack Swing On My Nuts
Grizzler: Low Rent
Sprutbass: Skitur
DKSTR: Roskiskiinalainen
Anaalivaihe: 10.11.2012
Eero Johannes: Leisi Elli

Randy Barracuda & Mesak feat Michael Black Electro - Adult Games (Official Audio)

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