Wegmüller, Walter : Tarot

Wegmüller, Walter: Tarot


Wegmüller, Walter

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RELEASEDATE TBC!! 180 gram 2LP box set with deck of tarot cards!

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Limited edition “Tarot” box set by the famous Swiss fringe artist Walter Wegmüller and krautrock supergroup, the Cosmic Jokers. Featuring a deck of tarot cards designed by Wegmüller himself and original silver laminated cover artwork!

Originally released in 1973 on Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser’s newly formed Kosmische Kuriere label, this legendary project was a collaboration between Swiss fringe artist Walter Wegmüller and the crème de la crème of the krautrock scene, including Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel) and Walter Wëstrupp (Witthüser-Wëstrupp). Wegmüller had been working intensely on creating his own deck of tarot cards when he crossed paths with Kaiser who discussed with him the possibility of doing an album, but it was actually Timothy Leary (who was hiding in Switzerland at the time) who suggested that he base the album on the tarot deck. The album finally came together in December 1972 in Dieter Dierks’ studio near Cologne with Wegmüller providing the vocals and album art, and the Cosmic Jokers providing the music.

Track list – SIDE A: 1. Der Narr 2. Der Magier 3. Die Hohepriesterin 4. Die Herrscherin 5. Der Herrscher 6. Der Hohepriester SIDE B: 1. Die Entscheidung 2. Der Wagen 3. Die Gerechtigkeit 4. Der Weise 5. Das Glücksrad 6. Die Kraft SIDE C: 1. Die Prüfung 2. Der Tod 3. Die Mässigkeit 4. Der Teufel 5. Die Zerstörung SIDE D: 1. Die Sterne 2. Der Mond 3. Die Sonne 4. Das Gericht 5. Die Welt

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