Wigwam : Wigwam plays Wigwam

Wigwam: Wigwam plays Wigwam

Wigwam plays Wigwam


Svart Records
3LP 35,99 €

Hand-numbered slipcase edition on black vinyl. 500 copies.

Release date: 13.12.2019. Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

You can make a reservation for this product and pick it up after release date from the nearest Record Shop X.

Track list

A1 Friend From The Fields
A2 Absalom
A3 Kite
A4 Tramdriver

B1 Save My Money & Name
B2 Colossus
B3 Simple Human Kindness

C1 Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose
C2 Do Or Die

D1 Nuclear Nightclub
D2 Bless Your Lucky Stars
D3 Bertha Come Back

E1 No New Games
E2 Freddie Are You Ready
E3 Eddie And The Boys

F1 The Vegetable Rumble
F2 Grass For Blades

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