Witchcraft (Fin) / Aske : Dead Christ Prayer

Witchcraft (Fin): Dead Christ Prayer

Dead Christ Prayer

Witchcraft (Fin) / Aske

Bestial Burst
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Track list

Two Finnish heavyweights of bestial / old school black metal unite for
a ripping raw split album. Eight tracks, all new recordings fresh from
the goat farm.


1. Funeral Throne of the Sadogoats 5:13
2. Necrobestiality 2:19
3. Codex Gigas 0:49
4. Demonolatrian War 1:19
5. Raid From Hell 3:37


6. Intro (From Below 21) 1:06
7. Kurnugia 5:01
8. Nuntius (Acip) 5:53

Aske (Fin) - Kurnugia

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