Kangasluoma, Timo / Hietala, Marco : Marco Hietala – ruostumaton

Kangasluoma, Timo: Marco Hietala – ruostumaton
Kangasluoma, Timo: Marco Hietala – ruostumaton

Marco Hietala – ruostumaton

Kangasluoma, Timo / Hietala, Marco

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Hardback book 28,99 €

The story of a Finnish heavy metal pioneer. NOTE: This book is written in Finnish!

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The book “Marco Hietala – Ruostumaton” will tell the story of Marco Hietala with all its joys and sorrows, successes and adversities. This is the Finnish edition. Information about the English edition will follow.


A book? About me!?!? WTF?!? That was my first reaction when Kimmo Ahola (Nightwish FOH) asked me, if I’d be willing to share my contact with his friend Timo Kangasluoma, who would want to write a book about me.

We did agree to meet and check it out a bit in Oulu, Finland in December 2016. As Kimmo had already told me, Timo turned out to be on the level, a humourous and a nice guy.

We planned our first preliminary interviews for winter/spring 2017 at my place in Kuopio. There I was talking about this and that to Timo’s recorder, while he was finding details to be looked into more deeply. And somehow we found ourselves making the world better in my sauna or the living room. The whole of my history was at first coming from my mouth into the recorder, and then spreading out into smaller stories and mutual idealistic interpretations of the world, passive-agressive and still militant rejection of simple truths by the religions, and of course the empty promises of the old parties and jaded politicians. Thank you for the interesting and entertaining evenings Timo!

We could’ve written three books, I think.

There is only one coming out however. It is incomplete of course, but hopefully we managed to keep the essential and/or the most interesting stories intact. This is mostly about me, so I’m not qualified to tell, if you should be interested or not. We did laugh, wonder and even grieve for some happenings! If you’re interested, go ahead and read my story. Or just read something at the very least!

Marko Hietala, Kuopio, 22.08.2017.

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