Alphaville : Forever Young

Alphaville: Forever Young

Forever Young


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LP + DVD + 3CD 62,99 €

Limited Super Deluxe Box

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Track list

Super Deluxe (VINYL/DVD/3CD)

CD1 & LP

Original Album Remastered

01-A Victory Of Love
02-Summer In Berlin
03-Big In Japan
04-To Germany With Love
05-Fallen Angel
06-Forever Young
07-In The Mood
08-Sounds Like A Melody
10-The Jet Set

Original Singles, B-Sides, 12“ Versions
01-Big In Japan (Single Version)
03-Sounds Like A Melody (Single Version)
04-The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator (Single Version)
05-Forever Young (Version Rapide)
06-Welcome To The Sun
07-The Jet Set (Single Remix)
08-Golden Feeling
09-Big In Japan (Extended Remix)
10-Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)
11-The Nelson Highrise Sector 1-The Elevator
12-Forever Young (Special Extended Dance Mix)
13-The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)
14-Big In Japan (Extended Instrumental)
15-The Jet Set (Dub Mix)

Demo Versions
01-A Victory Of Love (Demo Remix)
02-Summer In Berlin (Original Demo)
03-Big In Japan (Demo Remix)
04-To Germany With Love (Original Demo)
05-Fallen Angel (Demo Remix)
06-Forever Young (Demo Remix)
07-In The Mood (Demo Remix)
08-Sounds Like A Melody (Original Demo)
09-Lies (Original Demo
10-The Jet Set (Original Demo)
11-Leben Ohne Ende/Seeds (Original Demo)
12-Traumtänzer (Original Demo)
13-Blauer Engel (Original Demo)
14-Romance (Demo Sketch)
15-Colours (Instrumental)
16-Into The Dark (Demo Remix)


New 60 min documentary “Never grow up – The story of Forever Young” incl. new interviews with Marian Gold & Bernhard Llyod (both Alphaville), Wolfgang Loos & Colin Pearson (both original album producers) and the original artwork designer

Original music videos: Forever Young, Big In Japan & Sounds Like A Melody

Other available versions

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