Anti-Flag : Death of a nation

Anti-Flag: Death of a nation

Death of a nation


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Track list

This is Anti-Flag’s live DVD! Death of a Nation is a visual chronicle of their recent tours across the USA, in support of their most recent Fat Wreck Chords CD, The Terror State. Filmed at a variety of North American shows, Death of a Nation offers a rare glimpse of Anti Flag live. (2004)

- Region Free – BBFC ‘EXEMPT’ Classification – Features the video for “Turncoat” (The Terror State, Fat Wreck Chords, 2003/ Rock Against Bush Vol 1 Compilation) – Unreleased videos for “Post War Breakout” with never seen before footage of Woody Guthrie, and “Death of a Nation”, behind the scenes footage from different shows and more

1. Tearing Everyone Down
2. 911 For Peace
3. Power To The Peaceful
4. Underground Network
5. Captain Anarchy
6. Watch The Right
7. Angry, Young And Poor
8. Sold As Freedom
9. No Borders, No Nations
10. A New Kind Of Army
11. Spaz’s House Destruction Party
12. Got The Numbers
13. This Machine Kills Fascists
14. That’s Youth Rank’n‘File

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