Danko Jones : Bring on the mountain

Danko Jones: Bring on the mountain

Bring on the mountain

Danko Jones

Bad Taste
Release year
2DVD 17,95 €

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Track list

A 90 minute documentary with a detailed history of the band
featuring exclusive footage from throughout their career.

A short movie based on the video trilogy for Full of Regret, Had
Enough and I Think Bad Thoughts, exclusively available on this
DVD. The short features lots of exclusive material not included
in the videos and has additional actors, a brand new score etc.

15 full live clips from various shows in Canada, Germany, Holland,
Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Japan and the U.S.

Every single music video they have ever done, 19 in total. Some
of these videos haven?t been available in over 10 years.

The booklet features an introduction by new drummer Atom
Willard, lots of photos + liner notes by Danko for all the live
clips and videos.

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