Flogging Molly : Swagger

Flogging Molly: Swagger


Flogging Molly

Side One Dummy
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3lp + DVD 156,99 €

The 20th anniversary box set includes: - 2LP 'Swagger', remixed and remastered, in Double Gatefold sleeve - LP `Live At The Bluebird' - `Swagger Live 2000' DVD - `Swagger' button set - Flogging Molly Patch - Flogging Molly Slipmat

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Track list

- Disc 1 – 1 Salty Dog 2 Selfish Man 3 The Worst Day Since Yesterday 4 Every Dog Has It’s Day 5 1B: Life in a Tenement Square 6 The Ol’ Beggars Bush 7 The Likes of You Again – Disc 2 – 1 Black Friday Rule 2 Grace of God Go I 3 Devil’s Dance Floor 4 These Exiled Years 5 Sentimental Johny 6 Far Away Boys 7 Juan El Sentimental – Disc 3 – 1 Traditional Set (Live the Bluebird) 2 The Ol' Beggars Bush (Live the Bluebird) 3 The Worst Day Since Yesterday (Live @ the Bluebird)

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