Freedom Call : Live in Hellvetia

Freedom Call: Live in Hellvetia

Live in Hellvetia

Freedom Call

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Track list

1. We are one
2. United Alliance
3. Thunder God
4. Tears of Babylon
5. Blackenend Sun
6. Queen of my world
7. Out of the ruins
8. Hunting High and Low
9. – Drum Solo –
10. Metal Invasion
11. Merlin – Requiem
12. Merlin – Legend of the Past
13. The Quest
14. Warriors
15. A Perfect Day
16. Far Away
17. Mr. Evil
18. Land of Light
19. Freedom Call
20. Hymn to the Brave
Live recorded on December 29th, 2010 at the Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland
Running time: approx 110 min

DVD2 – Bonus
Content: Interviews, A day in the life of Freedom Call, tourimpressions and much more.
Running time: approx 90 min
Technical details:
Picture: 16:9
Sound: 5.1 / 2.0
Subtitles: englisch
Format: NTSC
Running time: approx. 200 min

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