Green Carnation : A Night Under the Dam

Green Carnation: A Night Under the Dam

A Night Under the Dam

Green Carnation

Sublife Productions
Release year
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Track list

1 Childs Play (Part III)
2 Sweet Leaf
3 9-29-045 (Part I, II And III)
4 Alone
5 Maybe?
6 High Tide Waves
7 Transparent Me
8 Six Ribbons
9 The Burden Is Mine… Alone

The “A Night Under The Dam” concert event took place on August 3rd (2006), almost 700 meters above the ocean, several kilometers into Norwegian mountains, under a 30-meter tall dam built in 1939. With 65 million cubic of water above them, the band – together with guest artists and string quartet – performed its entire “Acoustic Verses” album and other material in front of more than 500 enthusiastic people, some of them travelling all the way from the USA, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Holland. This DVD contains the entire live show, including two bonus songs “Two Ribbons” and “Transparent Me” from the sold out EP, extensive photo gallery (170+ images), a behind-the-scenes video and offers full 5.1 surround sound to ensure the best possible viewing and listening experience. This is the closest you can get to the “real thing”: A unique concert performed by a unique band.

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