Kadavar : For the Dead Travel Fast

Kadavar: For the Dead Travel Fast

For the Dead Travel Fast


Nuclear Blast
CD + Blu-ray 21,99 €

Release date: 11.10.2019. Product will be shipped a day before the release date.

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Track list

01. The End
02. The Devil’s Master
03. Evil Forces
04. Children Of The Night
05. Dancing With The Dead
06. Poison
07. Demons In My Mind
08. Saturnales
09. Long Forgotten Song
Bonus BluRay:
01. Liquid Dream
02. Black Snake
03. Tomorrow’s Dead
04. Vampires
05. Broken Wings
06. Purple Sage
07. Fire
08. See The World With Your
Own Eyes
09. Spanish Wild Rose
10. The Lost Child
11. Rhythm For Endless Minds
12. You Found The Best In Me
13. Into The Night
14. Reich der Träume

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