Manowar : Hell on earth III

Manowar: Hell on earth III

Hell on earth III


Magic Circle Music
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Track list

DVD 1 Hell On Earth III 89:33
DVD1-01 Introduction
DVD1-02 Brazil
DVD1-03 France
DVD1-04 Spain
DVD1-05 Czech Republic
DVD1-06 Holland
DVD1-07 Fighting The World
DVD1-08 Austria
DVD1-09 Switzerland
DVD1-10 Sweden Part 1
DVD1-11 Portugal
DVD1-12 Heart Of Steel
DVD1-13 Evil Eclipse
DVD1-14 Germany
DVD1-15 Belgium
DVD1-16 Greece
DVD1-17 Italy
DVD1-18 Kings Of Metal
DVD1-19 Duel Of The Titans
DVD1-20 Hail And Kill
DVD1-21 Nessun Dorma
DVD1-22 Return Of The Warlord
DVD1-23 Monsters Of The Millenium
DVD1-24 Denmark
DVD1-25 Sweden Part 2
DVD1-26 Gates Of Valhalla
DVD1-27 Finland
DVD1-28 Estonia
DVD1-29 Russia
DVD1-30 Brothers Of Metal & Sisters Of Steel
DVD1-31 Credits Bonus
DVD1-32 Black Wind, Fire And Steel 7:47
DVD1-33 Herz Aus Stahl 6:59
DVD1-34 March For Revenge 9:12
DVD1-35 Wheels Of Fire 4:23
DVD1-36 Alexander The Great 2:19
DVD1-37 France 1:59
DVD1-38 Moments In Time 9:29
DVD1-39 Friends 13:42
DVD1-40 Moments Of Truth 5:23
DVD1-41 Nessun Dorma – The Story 3:48
DVD1-42 Wildlife 1:05 DVD 2 Live In Germany – The Ringfest 51:45
DVD2-01 Introduction
DVD2-02 Manowar
DVD2-03 Kings Of Metal
DVD2-04 Eric’s Speech
DVD2-05 Herz Aus Stahl
DVD2-06 Evil Eclipse
DVD2-07 Warriors Of The World United
DVD2-08 Kill With Power
DVD2-09 House Of Death
DVD2-10 Joey’s Speech
DVD2-11 Black Wind, Fire And Steel
DVD2-12 The Crown And The Ring Video Collection
DVD2-13 Gloves Of Metal 5:36
DVD2-14 Blow Your Speakers 3:51
DVD2-15 Metal Warriors – Live 5:41
DVD2-16 Return Of The Warlord 5:26
DVD2-17 Courage – Live 4:18
DVD2-18 Warriors Of The World United 5:55
DVD2-19 I Believe 4:12
DVD2-20 Gloves Of Metal – Special Edition 5:28
DVD2-21 Secrets Of Steel 15:42 Bonus
DVD2-22 The Making Of Gloves Of Metal 3:42
DVD2-23 The Making Of Gloves Of Metal – Special Edition 1:09
DVD2-24 The Making Of Blow Your Speakers 2:39
DVD2-25 The Making Of Return Of The Warlord 3:27
DVD2-26 Fire, Ice & Gasoline (The Making Of Warriors Of The World United) 4:38
DVD2-27 The Making Of I Believe 6:38
DVD2-28 The Warrior’s Prayer 2:35
DVD2-29 Ringfest Documentary 22:16
DVD2-30 Historical Commentary By Professor John Neilson 3:40

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