Manowar : Magic circle festival vol. I

Manowar: Magic circle festival vol. I

Magic circle festival vol. I


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Track list

Magic Circle Festival, Bad Arolsen – Germany
1.1 –No Artist Introduction
1.2 –Heavenly (2) Liberty
1.3 –Heavenly (2) Virus
1.4 –Imperia Mirror
1.5 –Imperia Raped By The Devil
1.6 –Saidian Burn Down The Night
1.7 –Saidian Power And Glory
1.8 –Lion’s Share Soultaker
1.9 –Lion’s Share The Edge Of The Razor
1.10 –Mob Rules Unholy War
1.11 –Mob Rules Ashes To Ashes
1.12 –DSG* Asylum God
1.13 –DSG* Bleeding Hell
1.14 –Messiah’s Kiss Blood, Sweat And Tears
1.15 –Messiah’s Kiss Babylon
1.16 –Stormwarrior Iron Prayers
1.17 –Stormwarrior Feat. Kai Hansen Ride The Sky
1.18 –Holyhell Phantom Of The Opera
1.19 –Holyhell Rising Force
1.20 –Holyhell Last Vison
1.21 –Holyhell Apocalypse
1.22 –Manowar Manowar
1.23 –Manowar Brothers Of Metal
1.24 –Manowar Holy War
1.25 –Manowar March For Revenge
1.26 –Manowar Secret Of Steel
1.27 –Manowar Kill With Power
1.28 –Manowar Hertz Aus Stahl
1.29 –Manowar Army Of The Immortals
1.30 –Manowar Gates Of Valhalla
1.31 –Manowar Son Of William’s Tale
1.32 –Manowar Black Wind, Fire And Steel
1.33 –Manowar Gods Of War
1.34 –Manowar Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
1.35 –Manowar The Crown And The Ring Magic Circle Festival Kaliakra Rock Fest, Kavarna – Bulgaria
2.1 –No Artist Introduction
2.2 –No Artist Metal On The Black Sea
2.3 –Sixth Sense (7) Red Rage
2.4 –Sixth Sense (7) Blind
2.5 –Sixth Sense (7) Time
2.6 –Sixth Sense (7) Wire
2.7 –Sixth Sense (7) Magic Circle Guitar Gift
2.8 –Holyhell Eclipse
2.9 –Holyhell Wings Of Destiny
2.10 –Manowar Call To Arms
2.11 –Manowar Sun Of Death
2.12 –Manowar Screams Of Blood
2.13 –Manowar Each Dawn I Die
2.14 –Manowar Fighting The World
2.15 –Manowar Blood Of My Enemies
2.16 –Manowar Kings Of Metal
2.17 –Manowar Die For Metal
2.18 –Manowar Thor (The Powerhead)
2.19 –Manowar Metal Warriors
2.20 –Manowar Mila Rodino
2.21 –Manowar Hail And Kill Bonus Section
2.22 –No Artist Fighting For The Fans
2.23 –No Artist The Making Of The Magic Circle Festival Bad Arolsen – Germany
2.24 –No Artist Bad Arolsen – Friday Night Speech
2.25 –No Artist Bad Arolsen – Saturday Night Speech
2.26 –No Artist Bulgarian Speeches
2.27 –Black Situation Hot Summer
2.28 –Mordeen New End
2.29 –No Artist Extra Bits – Additional Interviews With Bands And Crew Members

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