Manowar : Magic circle festival vol. II

Manowar: Magic circle festival vol. II

Magic circle festival vol. II


Magic Circle
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Track list

DVD-1.1 –Manowar The Fight For True Metal
DVD-1.2 –Manowar The Making Of Battle Hymes
DVD-1.3 –Manowar Manowar
DVD-1.4 –Manowar Fast Taker
DVD-1.5 –Manowar Shell Shock
DVD-1.6 –Manowar Death Tone
DVD-1.7 –Manowar The Making Of Into Glory Ride
DVD-1.8 –Manowar Hatred
DVD-1.9 –Manowar Revelation (Death’s Angel)
DVD-1.10 –Manowar The Making Of Hail To England
DVD-1.11 –Manowar Black Arrows Of Doom
DVD-1.12 –Manowar Hail To England
DVD-1.13 –Manowar Die With Honor
DVD-1.14 –Manowar Warriors Of The World United
DVD-1.15 –Manowar The Making Of Sign Of The Hammer
DVD-1.16 –Manowar All Men Play On Ten
DVD-1.17 –Manowar God Of Thunderpick
DVD-1.18 –Manowar Animals
DVD-1.19 –Manowar The Making Of Fighting The World
DVD-1.20 –Manowar Blow Your Speakers
DVD-1.21 –Manowar Violence And Bloodshed
DVD-1.22 –Manowar Defender
DVD-1.23 –Manowar Drums Of Doom And Destruction
DVD-1.24 –Manowar The Making Of Kings Of Metal
DVD-1.25 –Manowar Blood Of The Kings
DVD-1.26 –Manowar How To Mary A Metal Man
DVD-1.27 –Manowar Pleasure Slave
DVD-1.28 –Manowar Kingdom Come
DVD-1.29 –Manowar The Crown And The King (Lament Of The Kings)
DVD-1.30 –Manowar Bridge Of Death
DVD-1.33 –Manowar Credits Bonus Section From Bulgaria
DVD-1.34 –Manowar Mila Rodino
DVD-1.35 –Manowar The Crown And The King (Lament Of The Kings) Festival Bands
DVD-2.1 –Cassock Bitch
DVD-2.2 –Sixth Sense (7) Rasputin
DVD-2.3 –K.O.B.U.S. Amen
DVD-2.4 –Titanium Black Stripped
DVD-2.5 –Jack Starr’s Burning Starr* Evil Never Sleeps
DVD-2.6 –Metalforce Freedom Warriors
DVD-2.7 –Metalforce Metal Law
DVD-2.8 –Hollyhell Dream On
DVD-2.9 –Hollyhell Prophecy Bonus Section
DVD-2.10 –Manowar Lightning The Eternal Flame Of Metal
DVD-2.11 –Manowar Breaking The World Record Again
DVD-2.13 –Manowar Fire And Faith
DVD-2.14 –Manowar Battle Of The Bands
DVD-2.15 –Manowar Backstage Tour
DVD-2.16 –Manowar The City Of Steel
DVD-2.17 –Manowar Autograph Session
DVD-2.18 –Manowar Words Of The Metal Warriors
DVD-2.19 –Manowar The Son Of Odin Sings
DVD-2.20 –Manowar 5 Hours Of Power Speeches
DVD-2.21 –Manowar Bulgarian Speeches
DVD-2.22 –Manowar German Speeches

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