Ministry : Adios... Putas madres

Ministry: Adios... Putas madres

Adios... Putas madres


13th Planet Records
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Track list

Tracklist DVD 1 (Live DVD)

1. Let’s Go
2. The Last Sucker
3. Waiting
4. Worthless
5. LiesLiesLies
6. Watch Yourself
7. Life Is Good
8. No W
9. Rio Grande Blood
10. Senor Peligro
11. So What
12. New World Order (N.W.O)
13. June One Fix
14. Thieves
15. What A Wonderful World

Tracklist DVD 2 (Fuchi Requiem)

DVD 2 “Fuchi Requiem” features behind the scenes footage that follows the band from rehearsals throughout the entirety of its C U LaTouR, with additional oncamera interviews with the band and crew.

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