Roxxcalibur : Lords of NWOBHM

Roxxcalibur: Lords of NWOBHM

Lords of NWOBHM


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Being referred to as “Keepers of the Grail of the NWOBHM” in the new millennium is almost as good as being knighted by Her Majesty the Queen. When ROXXCALIBUR (from the notable compilation “Roxcalibur”) released their debut album, “NWOBHM For Muthas” in 2009, nobody could have dreamed that the band, which began as a simple project, would give the NWOBHM a face on its 30th anniversary. Now, in 2011, “Lords Of The NWOBHM” brings the second chapter in the saga and once again the musicians behind the name ROXXCALIBUR have not only put heart and soul into their work but also shown their good taste in metal. With a remarkable selection of songs chosen for their cover versions, the band has produced an album which even outdoes its predecessor, bringing songs from such cult names as MORE, SATAN, HOLLOW GROUND, CRYER, TOKYO BLADE, QUARTZ, OXYM, SPARTA, SARACEN, BLOOD MONEY, WITCHFYNDE, VENOM, SAXON (previously unfinished!) and TYGERS OF PAN TANG back to the daily listening habits of the new millennium. Having taken things to the highest level in the musical sense, the work now had to be given the best possible sound quality. Who better to do this than the legendary producer, Chris Tsangarides? Tsangarides, best known for his opulent production of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” and “Sad Wings Of Destiny”, as well as works of Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, etc… had also been on the producer’s chair for classical NWOBHM bands such as Tygers Of Pan Tang, Quartz, and Prowler. That was the primary reason why ROXXCALIBUR wanted to work with the Brit. He gave “Lords Of The NWOBHM” the sound that a band with such a concept needed: in your face, raw and earthy – combining the sound of the late Seventies with the here and now. “Lords Of The NWOBHM” is sure to cause a fury of interest again in the Heavy Metal world and to many it will become even more clear, that the NWOBHM has lost none of its magic after more than 30 years. The first edition includes a bonus DVD, which, besides live material also includes a feature about the work with Chris Tsangarides. For NWOBHM gourmets the special scenes with the improvised rehearsals for the NWOBHM anniversary show at the Keep It True 2009 festival will be especially interesting.

01. London Bridge Is Falling Down (Intro)
02. Atomic Rock – Original by MORE 1981
03. Heads Will Roll – Original by SATAN 1982
04. Flying High – Original by HOLLOW GROUND 1981
05. Day To Day – Original by CRYER 1980
06. If Heaven Is Hell – Original by TOKYO BLADE 1983
07. Lift Up Your Eyes – Original by SAXON (unfinished)
08. Satan’s Serenade – Original by QUARTZ 1980
09. Hellbound – Original by TYGERS OF PAN TANG 1981
10. Music Power – Original by OXYM 1980
11. Angel Of Death – Original by SPARTA 1981
12. A Face In The Crowd – Original by SARACEN 1981
13. Battlescarred – Original by BLOOD MONEY 1987
14. Stagefright – Original by WITCHFYNDE 1980
15. At War With Satan (Preview) – Original by VENOM 1982

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