Wilson, Steven : To the bone

Wilson, Steven: To the bone

To the bone

Wilson, Steven

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Steven Wilson's fifth soloalbum To the bone.

Shipping date: 19.8.2017.

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Track list


- To the Bone album in high resolution 96/24 stereo – To the Bone album instrumental mixes in 96/24 stereo – To the Bone album in 5.1 surround sound – Ask Me Nicely : The Making of To the Bone -documentary – Song of I -video – Pariah -video

1. To The Bone
2. Nowhere Now
3. Pariah
4. The Same Asylum As Before
5. Refuge
6. Permanating
7. Blank Tapes
8. People Who Eat Darkness
9. Song Of I
10. Detonation
11. Song Of Unborn

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