Uncle John Trio : For your pleasure

Uncle John Trio: For your pleasure

For your pleasure

Uncle John Trio

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Track list

1. Beer Me (2.05) (J-P Lemström)
2. Hey Good Lookin’ (2.07) (H. Williams)
3. Tall Tall Trees (2.01) (G. Jones, R. Miller)
4. If You’re Lookin’ For Love (2.31) (J-P Lemström)
5. Lonesome Tears (1.55) (P. Burlison, D. Burnette, J. Burnette, A. Mortimer)
6. All My Ex’s Live In Texas (3.00) (L. Shafer, S. Shafer)
7. The Song (I Wish I Never Wrote) (2.19) (J-P Lemström)
8. Honky Tonk Man (2.13) (T. Franks, H. Hausey, J. Horton)
9. Guitars, Cadillacs And Hillbilly Music (2.19) (D. Yoakam)
10. In The Middle Of The Night (2.26) (J-P Lemström)
11. Once Again (2.12) (J-P Lemström)
12. Sixpack To Go (2.25) (D. Hart, J. Lowe, H. Thompson)
13. Country 24/7 (1.33) (J-P Lemström)
14. Blue Blue Day (1.53) (D. Gibson)

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