Hävytöntä - 2. kausi - Shameless - Season 2

Shameless - Season 2

Shameless - Season 2

Hävytöntä - 2. kausi

Release year
DD 2.0
8 h 20 min
Age limit
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Seven months on from the first series and Manchester’s favourite son, Frank Gallagher, is expecting another addition to the clan, this time with his agoraphobic lover, Sheila.

On the back of a fiddled insurance claim the Gallagher children have extended their home into the house next door. Fiona and boyfriend Steve are now hopeful for a bit of privacy; but Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam cause havoc everywhere else – still all one big happy family.

Underage Ian’s married Muslim lover, Kash, is being pressured by wife Yvonne to have ‘thermometer sex’ to inseminate her. Meanwhile, loved up next-door neighbours Veronica and Kev have their own family crisis, with Veronica’s rampant mum Carol and troubled brother Marty living with the Gallaghers since Marty burnt their house down.

The second series of Shameless is packed with even more laughs, sex, romance and scams than the first, with Veronica and Kev fostering a child, Frank landing a job, Ian getting a girl pregnant, and turf wars breaking out over a gardening competition…

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