Kurnugia (Fin) : Blood and Necrosemen

Kurnugia (Fin): Blood and Necrosemen

Blood and Necrosemen

Kurnugia (Fin)

Bestial Burst
CD-EP 11,99 €

Primitive and old school black metal ugliness from the infamous Kotka black metal scene that brought us Aske, Vornat, Pervogoat etc. Back from the very gates of death after a hiatus that lasted over two decades of demented drunken pandemonium, Blood and Semen continues right from where their nineties demo recordings ended. No progress, no melody, nothing fast or nimble, nothing marketable. Just misery, Satan and perversion packed inside a strangely captivating full color photography of real blood and cum. True underground black metal for the absolute cultist only, those looking to be entertained: look elsewhere.

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Track list

01 Intro 1:46
02 Ritual of Deathstench 3:18
03 Might of Lucifer 3:25
04 Interlude: Codes of Baphomet 0:53
05 Dawn of Morbid Darkness 4:06
06 Blasphemic Ritual / Shehamforash 3:50

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