Plant, Robert : Digging Deep

Plant, Robert: Digging Deep

Digging Deep

Plant, Robert

Release year
8x7" 110,99 €

Very limited edition boxset. 8 disc 7” Remastered Vinyl. Restored original 7” single artwork housed in a stylish bespoke coffee table type hardback book. The boxset includes 16 rare b-sides and hit singles, some have not been available on vinyl for decades and also the first time the remastered versions will be available on vinyl.

Estimated delivery in 3-10 days. Add a few days if outside Finland.

You can make a reservation for this product and pick it up from the nearest Record Shop X.

Track list

Vinyl 1:
Side A: Burning Down One Side
Side B: Like I’ve Never Been Gone (S1, E4 of podcast)

Vinyl 2:
Side A: Big Log (S2, E6 of podcast)
Side B: In The Mood

Vinyl 3:
Side A: Too Loud
Side B: Little By Little

Vinyl 4:
Side A: Ship of Fools
Side B: Tall Cool One

Vinyl 5:
Side A: Hurting Kind
Side B: Tie Dye on the Highway

Vinyl 6:
Side A: Calling To You (S1, E1 of podcast)
Side B: 29 Palms

Vinyl 7:
Side A: Song To The Siren
Side B: Morning Dew

Vinyl 8:
Side A: Shine It All Around
Side B: Tin Pan Valley (S2, E1 of podcast)

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