Rancid : Life won't wait (Rancid essentials 6x7" pack)

Rancid: Life won't wait (Rancid essentials 6x7" pack)

Life won't wait (Rancid essentials 6x7" pack)


Pirates Press
Release year
6x7" 42,99 €

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Track list

After three years traveling the world endlessly, the musical diversity that RANCID illustrates in this masterpiece speaks for itself. While it might bring back nostalgic Warped Tour memories for some, for others (including a lot of musicians) Life Won’t Wait took an eager and anxious group of diehards off-guard and pleasantly surprised them by really drawing from their roots and spilling out this coup of an album in a big way. Adorned in six new sleeves, and remastered for vinyl by Pirates Press, this version – like this album – is something special.

SIDE A: 1. Intro 2. Bloodclot
SIDE B: 3. Hoover Street
SIDE C: 4. Black Lung 5. Life Won’t Wait
SIDE D: 6. New Dress 7. Warsaw
SIDE E: 8. Hooligans 9. Crane Fist
SIDE F: 10. Leicester Square 11. Backslide
SIDE G: 12. Who Would’ve Thought 13. Cash, Culture and Violence
SIDE H: 14. Cocktails 15. The Wolf
SIDE I: 16. 1998 17. Lady Liberty
SIDE J: 18. Wrongful Suspicion 19. Turntable
SIDE K: 20. Something In The World Today 21. Corazon de Oro
SIDE L: 22. Coppers

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